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Dr. James Peck

Dr. Peck, Edmond, OK Dentist, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry and the University of Oklahoma’s Advanced General Dentistry Residency Program. Dr. Peck received his undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma. Dr. Peck graduated second in his dental class at OU, was named as the medical school’s most outstanding student during his senior year and was also named top of his class in anatomical sciences and microbiological sciences.

Dr. Peck achieved the nation’s highest score on the National Dental Board Examination. After practicing locally in chain clinics, Dr. Peck became frustrated with the corporate philosophy that placed quantity of care above quality of care and was convinced that dental care should focus on patients, not profits!

Dr. Peck opened Redbud Dental to practice patient-centered dentistry, including patients in the decision-making process to develop the best treatment plan for their long-term health and satisfaction.


Dr. Matthew Turbush

Dr. Matthew Turbush has had a diverse clinical background due to his wife’s status as an Air Force dentist.  He met his wife Sarah in dental school in Buffalo New York after graduating from the State University of New York College at Geneseo.  Dr. Turbush and his wife graduated in May 2010, earning DDS degrees and married later that year. Following graduation, Sarah attended a prosthodontics residency program in San Antonio and Dr. Turbush completed an AEGD residency in Buffalo.  Following completion of his residency, he moved to south Texas and worked with children from underserved metro areas. When the Air Force moved his family to Scott Air Force Base in Southern Illinois following Sarah’s graduation from residency, Dr. Turbush worked as a general dentist. Dr. Turbush had extensive experience with implant treatment and Invisalign during his time practicing in Southern Illinois.

Sarah and Matt have two sons ages four and two, Corbin and Colin. For the Turbush family’s first three years at Scott Air Force base, they were blessed to have a family member provide child care for their children.  Unfortunately, this family member lost a battle with cancer.  Sarah and Matt made a family decision that Matt would temporarily stay home with the children.  For the past year and a half Matt has enjoyed spending time with Corbin and Colin, but he is eager to practice dentistry full time again.  Matt stayed active in dentistry during his time home with the kids by practicing as a dentist at Scott Air Force base as a volunteer for the Red cross, attending local dental society meetings and attending national dental conferences.

In his spare time Dr. Turbush enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.  They enjoy swimming, softball and biking.  Sarah and Matt enjoy trying new foods and cooking.


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