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3 Reasons Not To Skip A Dental Checkup

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Life gets busy, and sometimes it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or even in the week. At Redbud Dental in Edmond, we get that. But we urge you to think twice before you cancel or postpone a dental checkup because you think it’s less important than everything else on your to-do list.

“But my teeth feel fine.”
Don’t be lulled by a false sense of security. The fact is that no news isn’t necessarily good news. Dental problems can be progressing without you being aware of it.

1. Your Gums May Be Receding
Gum recession doesn’t happen all at once. Gum tissue can move back almost imperceptibly until teeth and bone are at risk.

2. Decay May Be Lurking
When the acids in plaque start drilling into a tooth, we usually don’t feel it until it has passed through the enamel and dentin and hits the nerve. Ouch! By that time, there is a crater in the tooth. Regular cleanings remove plaque before it can do any degeneration.

3. Prevent Oral Cancer
About 50,000 people will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. We will screen for oral cancer during your exam. As with all types of cancer, early diagnosis is crucial.

After your entire mouth has been examined, we will detail what is needed moving forward. Whether that’s flossing more often or discussing major fixes such as braces, we will make certain that you get all the information you need to ensure your smile is bright and beautiful!

At Redbud Dental we make sure all our patients enjoy good dental health. Our services include family and cosmetic dentistry. Make an appointment today!

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