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Cosmetic dentistry

An Ugly Duckling In Your Mouth?

By January 3, 2020No Comments

Cosmetic Denistry in Guthrie Do you have a damaged tooth that causes you embarrassment? Even if all of your other teeth are nicely shaped and pearly white, guess what other people notice? Yep, the ugly duckling. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to ignore. But with cosmetic dentistry at Redbud Dental of Edmond, we can take fare of it!

A beautiful smile is an important component of your overall appearance. Unattractive teeth draw the eye away from other pleasing features such as thick shiny hair, gorgeous eyes or a peaches and cream complexion.

Fortunately, there are several procedures to restore or repair one or more teeth.

Veneers, Bonding and Dental Implants
We use dental bonding in a variety of applications. In addition to repairing damage, dental bonding can close gaps between teeth.

Porcelain veneers are another minimally invasive cosmetic remedy. Like bonding, veneers correct chips, cracks and improve tooth shape.

What if you’re missing a tooth? Don’t despair, a dental implants is the answer.

At Redbud Dental of Edmond, beautiful smiles are our business, and we create them with cosmetic dentistry. Other services include complete family dentistry. Schedule an appointment today!

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