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Straight Talk About Braces

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The dental health of our patients is always our top priority at Redbud Dental of Edmond OK, which is one reason why we are big advocates of straight, healthy teeth. People who are facing braces may think it’s just about straightening their teeth. But perhaps more important is that by changing teeth alignment we are creating an ideal bite.

Here are some other important things to remember about braces:

  1. Your daily regimen of brushing and flossing will be different with braces. Getting food debris stuck in braces is a common hazard so you’ll need to be extra vigilant. Flossing in particular will be more of a challenge than usual. We recommend adding a water flosser to your arsenal.
  2. Braces are uncomfortable at first, but most patients get used to them after a few weeks. The plain fact is that with conventional metal braces, there are two rows of brackets affixed to teach tooth. The braces are periodically tightened, which is how teeth are brought into alignment. This too can bring added discomfort, but it’s only temporary.
  3. Some patients have a slight lisp after getting braces. In fact there’s almost no way around having your speech impacted in some way because of the braces. But humans are nothing if not adaptable, and the majority of people adjust.
  4. Your smile is worth it! Any drawbacks to having braces will vanish once you see your new smile. It will look fantastic!
  5. Just as important as that: you’ll have an ideal bite.

However, if you’re thinking about getting traditional braces, why not look into ClearCorrectâ„¢ invisible braces? The results are amazing and you can have a straight smile without the use of metal! At Redbud Dental of Edmond OK we have placed traditional and clear braces on patients from Guthrie and Deer Creek, who also come to us for a host of other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Contact us today!

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