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Dental Hygiene Appointments

Routine Dental Checkups

A dental exam is vital to good oral hygiene. It is the best way to detect problems at their earliest stages to minimize unnecessary discomfort, time, and money.

The American Dental Association recommends checkups two times a year. Your oral hygiene needs to change with age and the condition of your teeth and gums. Your dentist may recommend checkups that are more or less frequent than twice a year.

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Your dental checkup includes:

  • Digital diagnostics (Determined by our dentist)
  • A visual exam of your face, jaw, neck, and mouth
  • A gingival pocket exam
  • Dental cleaning
  • Comprehensive data capture to form an electronic dental record
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Digital Diagnostics

Our office uses digital sensors to obtain x-rays which result in significantly less radiation exposure and provide higher quality, diagnostic images. Your dentist will determine the frequency that these need to be updated.

We are also up to date with the latest advances in dental equipment. We have 3D technology that aids our doctors in the planning and development of treatment plans and the progression of dental treatments. Our intraoral cameras provide magnified, clear images of all surfaces inside your mouth.

Visual Exam

Your dentist checks the lymph nodes around your head, jaw, and neck for any pain, tenderness, and mobility. This examination also includes examining the jaw joint and looking for sores in the mouth. The tongue, lips, gums, and mucous membranes are all thoroughly checked.

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Gingival Pocket Exam

  • To have healthy teeth, you need to have healthy gums. The gingival pocket exam is crucial to determine the health of our gums. It will be a big asset to determining the risk or presence of periodontal disease.
    • Removing food debris and plaque that accumulates in the gingival pocket is highly important to maintain healthy gums. If it is not removed, harmful bacteria penetrates the gumline, increasing the depth of the pocket. Once this occurs, the risk of tooth damage and infection goes up.
    • If gum disease is caught at an early stage, it can be reversed. Usually, gum disease is asymptomatic, so it is possible that it is present without knowing so.

Additional services include:

  • Dental Cleaning: Our dental hygienists use specialized instruments to remove soft and hard deposits from above and below the gumline. They also perform non-surgical periodontal therapy for patients who are periodontally involved.
  • Electronic Dental Record: Records of our patients are kept electronically. This makes it more convenient and easier for our providers to have immediate access to medical histories, treatment plans, and progress reports. Electronic records provide fast, safe, and secure methods of communication between our dentists and specialists.
  • Good Oral Hygiene: The key to a healthy mouth is to keep plaque and food debris from accumulating on your teeth. Plaque and food debris attracts harmful bacteria that causes dental cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. The tongue attracts bacteria too. Bacteria on the tongue creates a filmy, white coating on the top of your tongue. It is important to brush your tongue at every tooth cleaning to disrupt this film and promote good oral health.
  • Benefits of Good Hygiene:
    • Less plaque to remove at routine cleanings to make your professional cleanings more comfortable and faster.
    • Reduce the incidence of tooth decay and gum disease
    • Minimize the amount of money spent on dental procedures throughout the year.
    • Feel healthier, enjoy fresher breath, and be more confident about your smile.

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Two women who improved their smiles with Edmond cosmetic dentist Dr. James Peck.

First time customer and knowing my mouth was sort of a mess...... They treated me very kind and respectful from the front desk all the way through. Rather than dwell on my lack of dental hygiene for way too long. They just helped me look forward to getting a plan to make things right. I appreciate the professionalism of making me feel welcome. Thank you

Mark S.Patient

This was truly one of the best dentist visits I've had. Angela was wonderful and we both feel like we've made a new friend while I was getting super clean teeth. Pain free visit with no snagged gums or anything during the cleaning. Dr. Abhinav took time to explain what he was seeing, how the different filling materials from previous dental work effected what we're seeing today and even showed me pictures of what we'll need to do since I expressed interest in the process. I've found my new dental practice!

Melissa J.Patient

I just brought my brother to see Dr Peck and I could not believe how incredibly nice and professional everyone was! My brother has autism and can be a little much sometimes but Tina was so sweet and patient taking his x-rays, Lauren was so incredibly patient with him and was very accommodating to his needs while cleaning his teeth and Dr Peck was great! I just couldn’t be more appreciative and happy to find him a good, local dentist. I highly recommend this place to everyone and will refer everyone I know!

Michael L.Patient

I just had a cleaning at the new location. The office is beautiful, clean, and modern. There is a small kid's play area in the waiting room and TV's in each office space. Everyone was kind and knowledgeable from check-in to the dental hygienist and dental assistant, as well as Dr. Peck. They were able to take a picture of a small cavity so I could see it, which is helpful if you're anything like me and need to see to believe. I was able to get the cavity filled and fitted for a night guard all in the same day. The billing specialist goes over all charges from your insurance before going on with treatment. I highly recommend this office! It was a very pleasant experience.

Amanda T.Patient

This place is great! I came in on a cleaning special and they were super helpful. I hadn’t been able to afford insurance in a long time and the dentist makes me really nervous, but they were patient and reassured me. When it came to other work I needed done they were very upfront about cost, and also offer excellent payment plans (we had care credit, which they take as well!). I was very satisfied with my experience overall, and would definitely recommend them!

Taylor T.Patient
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