The area between your lungs is referred to as the mediastinum, containing your heart, windpipe and esophagus. When this area becomes inflamed, this results in a condition called mediastinitis, which has been linked to dental abscess. Individuals facing this condition may experience shortness of breath, chills and/or fever.

How are mediastinitis and dental abscesses linked, you might ask? Individuals with untreated dental infections are at a risk for developing mediastinitis through the built-up bacteria within the abscess. If untreated, bacteria within the tooth has the potential to spread to other parts of the body, which can also cause other systemic infections. There are a few different treatment options for abscessed teeth, such as draining or extracting of the affected tooth. Although this link is not the most common medical issue, patients with dental abscesses should schedule a visit with the Dentist right away to prevent further damage and inflammation!

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