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“Got my mouth voided of all teeth and getting Dental Implants for “snap in” dentures. So far so good. The office crew is great and of course Dr Peck is fantastic. Temporary dentures fit well. As soon as the holes heal I will be getting permanent snap in dentures.
I’m loving it!”

“I always receive the greatest dental care anyone can ask for at a dental office. Dr. Peck is a very caring dentist and the staff is the best. They are always so friendly, helpful with whatever your needs or concerns are.”

“I was nervous about going to the dentist, but they made it very easy and comfortable. The staff have a great sense of humor and I feel they genuinely care for each patient. One of the most honest and upright establishments. I won’t visit anywhere else.”

“I got my full dentures from Dr. Peck 1 year ago and I am one of those people with a terrible fear of dentists!!! Dr. Peck was very patient with me and informative the procedure went off without a hitch. I have a few relatives and they all have problems with there dentist, I do not. Dr peck has been simple and easy to work with. I get my final liner today if you need dentures and dont want headaches im telling you go see Dr. Peck.”

“I initially contacted Redbud Dental due to one of their mailers that was sent to my address. It specifically advertised dental implants and that is exactly what I needed. The procedure was simple and the information given to me about the procedure was assuring. I’m happy with the results and recommend Redbud Dental.”

“I have had many dentists over the years and really like this office. Friendly crew and Drs are very nice. I had my consoltation and impressions for my temporary teeth taken in quick fasion, and go in this Thursday to have all my teeth removed, the 4 broken off ones and 7-8 others removed so I can get to eating again. I needed inplants and this dentist seems to know what he’s doing. I’m going for the removable “Snap-in” teeth. Smile at ya later. :)”

“I am new to Edmond and had a friend recommend me to Redbud Dental. Amazing service and wonderful people! Thankful I found an amazing place to come to for my dental needs.”

“I have been going to Redbud Edmond for several years over which there have been many changes and I have had several things done (cleanings, filling, crown). Their system is pretty standard and effective. The environment is comfortable and clean with many nice touches. If you want to see the dentist after a cleaning be sure to ask if he will be there. Also they give lots of suggestions for additional work; which can be very helpful but also needs to be thoughtfully considered before doing.”

“Redbud Dental in Edmond is a place that you can trust! The dentists and staff are friendly and efficient. They offer sound advice to their patients about their personal dental care. I am grateful to know that I can go there when I have a dental need!”

“What an amazing experience! We had to find a new dentist in Edmond after moving here. I can’t stand having my teeth clean and leaving with pain. I told my wife we would immediately find a new dentist if that were the case. Not only was there no pain, they had to do an extra deep cleaning under the gums and I still walked away feeling great. The staff were so friendly. If you need a new dentist, you just found them.”

“Overall great experience. Dr. Peck and his staff were nice and explained everything clearly. I highly recommend Redbud Dental of Edmond.”

“Moved to Edmond one year ago and had to find a new dentist. First time around and we found the dentist we were looking for – Dr. Peck and staff are professional, patient-focused, and pleasant!! Highly recommend Redbud Dental for you and your family’s dental needs! Update for November 2019 – 2nd visit and I reiterate what I stated a few months back – Redbud Dental under Dr. Peck and his staff are all about the patient!”

“I’ve had a fear of going to the dentist for 21 years. The team at Redbud Dental of Edmond has completely changed that! They are all so friendly and they truly do work hard to make sure their patients are comfortable. I’ve had crowns put on, simple fillings and even got my wisdom teeth removed at this office. I’d recommend this team to anyone!”

“I really love Redbud. I have met Dr. Peck and Dr. Abe and they both are very easy to talk to and thorough. The dental hygeniests are always gentle and nice to talk to as well! Today, Marley and Bonnie worked on my teeth and I had a wonderful experience, like always. I also like how they use the texting feature keep in contact with patients. Their new office is very beautiful and clean! An awesome location in Edmond, too! Thanks Redbud for keeping my teeth pretty!”

“Dr.Peck is the BEST dentist around the town!! He is excellent and is really good at providing pain-free treatments to the patient!! He explains everything so well which makes you to have no worries. Redbud Dental Edmond is so clean and I trust them with everything! Dr.Peck’s team is so friendly and always welcomes the patient with open heart and big smile! I highly recommend Redbud Dental Edmond!!!”

“I just moved here from California about 2 mos ago and while moving knocked a cap off of a front tooth! I called around the Edmond, Ok. area yesterday to see if I could get in and of several office that I contacted. only one spoke to me got me in the next day and I am taken care of with the nicest group of professionals including Dr.Peck who made it simple and easy to be back on the road with no pain, a great smile to face the job market!! Thank you Dr. Peck and your team. I will be back for the appointment you set for me to continue my wealthy, healthy smile.”

“I have been going to Dr. Jay Peck at the Edmond office of Redbud Dental for over two years, and all I can say is, “Why didn’t I start seeing the dentist earlier?!” Dr. Peck is a superior dentist who is an expert in both dentistry and orthodontic practice. I am a fellow healthcare professional, and I’m confident in his knowledge and abilities because he keeps up to date with the latest research and evidence in his field. His entire office practice is progressive in that it is virtually paperless, and the use of electronic technology in his office is impressive! And finally, the staff is, in a word, great. They never fail to show their appreciation for my choice to come to Redbud Dental. They are friendly and respectful and they even get my weird sense of humor! I feel safe and comfortable at Redbud Dental and I can’t think of anything that would make me seek dental care elsewhere.”

“After having my root canal procedure done at Redbud Dental Edmond, I can confidently say I have one of the best dentists in the state. Dr. Peck’s team make the atmosphere friendly. I honestly feel like I’ve known this team for a long time. I would recommend Redbud Dental to anyone.”

“Had a great experience! Everyone is super friendly and helpful! Will definitely continue treatment with Redbud Dental of Edmond!”

“Best dental spot in Edmond. Everyone is very helpful and polite.”

“Redbud Dental in Edmond has the best service, comfortable atmosphere, and honest billing.”

“I have been going to Redbud Dental of Edmond for about 3 years and I have never had a bad experience. If you are looking for a dentist, go to Redbud Dental.”

“They are the best, there technology is advanced and there big procedures are affordable. Awesome staff, even have a TV you can watch while everything is going on.”

“They did a very good job with my teeth. Everybody was pleasant, and all my services, procedures, etc., were explained before they were scheduled and conducted. The procedures I had done were quick and painless, much less than I thought they’d be. They also appear to be very up-to-date in terms of technology, so I feel I received the latest in terms of care. I am happy to go back to Redbud Dental.”

“Courteous professional staff with latest technology used in comfortable setting.Recommended procedures with detailed benefits, costs, and payment plans are professionally explained and easily understood.This is a very professional dental office.”

“Great group! Office offers the latest technology and the staff are professional and personable! Highly recommend.”

“I haven’t seen the dentist yet, but will see him next week. I saw the hygienist this week though, and that went very well! She seems to very easily have remedied a sensitive tooth that has been bothering me for months with a fluoride treatment. The cleaning was not painful at all and was thorough. She was extremely kind, as was the receptionist. The technology appears to be cutting edge and they integrate computer systems into their practice to do things such as logging color photos of each tooth. They were very thorough and organized. Had to reschedule my husband’s appointment last minute, and they were very kind about rescheduling for us.”

“Old fashioned customer service with the most up to date technology for dental care. They know me by name, ask by my family members, and even sent me a get well card. My teeth are doing so much better… I had neglected them for so long. The only con… I can’t threaten my daughter with taking her to the dentist if she doesn’t brush and floss because, “I don’t care… They’re nice!!!!”

“The best dental service I have EVER recieved. I am in the process of having several implants in addition to restorative care and I have zerlo complaints about my care. As a Registered Nurse, believe me I would pick up on anything out of line r/t my care. Dr. Peck is the best in his profession and I get all my dental care met in one place which I love. I let my teeth go as I aged plus have a condition that dries my mouth and creates cavities, i felt embarrassed for anyone to see them, but, Dr. Peck and his staff have treated me with the utmost professionalism. They make me comfortable, in fact they feel like my family! I have referred several friends to them and they are all are satisfied with their care. If you are in need of dental care, please take my advice and call Dr. Peck’s office for an appointment now! Stay tuned for before and after photos which I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Peck and his wonderful staff. I am so thankful that I found my new dental home/family!”

“Others said it couldn’t be done! Dr Peck and his professional staff has changed my life with dental implants.”

“My family and I recently moved here and have been looking for a new dentist. I was in the process of getting some molar implants done before we moved and am very glad to have found Dr. Peck. I am glad that he can do all of it, start to finish, here. We have all received our preventative cleaning and have been happy with the care and professionalism at the office that I feel confident in the Dr and staff to continue with my implants. So far, I am impressed and would recommend Redbud Dental to anyone, especially one with special dentistry needs like implants.”

“I went to Dr. Peck’s practice after winning a silent auction for teeth whitening, X Rays, and cleaning to Redbud Dental in April. This is a privately owned dental practice- not a chain, so expect great care! They take the time they need and don’t rush you through the door. The front desk staff- Melissa and Miranda, are incredibly kind, helpful and patient with me with my limited scheduling. Briana did a great job with my teeth whitening- which was uncomfortable, but definitely worth the results. After following through with my complimentary work listed, I decided to go back and get more work done. I had more sealants placed and something I had been wanting to do for years- laser gum removal. Common in people who have braces, I had extra gums making my teeth square. My visible front teeth were 5mm by 5mm. I have talked to many people and read many reviews about laser gum removal and have heard mixed reviews. My experience was great! Dr. Peck worked with me through the entire process- from making sure I was completely numb, to deciding how to shape and remove my excess gums through the procedure. After he was finished, my gums were a tiny bit discolored from the procedure, but healed completely within 3 days. I feel like I had baby teeth before and now I feel like my smile looks much more mature and makes me confident. Wish I would have done this years ago! Overall, they are a fun, professional practice who do quality work! Thanks for everything!”

“I had my braces done here and they were removed last week. Before braces you couldn’t find a picture of me smiling but now I can’t stop smiling. Redbud has made my confidence go from a 5 to a 10, I am beyond pleased with the way my teeth look. I absolutely love the staff they are the true definition of dream team.”

“I am a GIANT coward when it comes to the dentist. So much so, that I had not seen one since 1998 until the universe left me no choice, due to a broken upper molar. When I phoned, I was graciously greeted and they scheduled me for 3 days later and even had a payment option that did not break the bank (paying out of pocket). While on the phone I informed them of my anxiety in relation to the dentist, laughing asking if they “catered to cowards.” Guess what… They DID! I saw Dr. A and he was amazing. He made sure that I was completely numb and that sedation was utilized to help curb my anxiety. Afterward, we discussed care plan and what needed done.. then came lock down. Finally on May 15, 2020 I was able to get the filling that was needed. Unfortunately, I was placed with a different provider and that exacerbated the anxiety… but boy was I wrong. Dr. Peck was beyond amazing. He understood my anxiety ( even though I know it is an irrational fear, it is a fear none the less) and talked to me to help calm my nerves. We addressed a couple other issues prior to beginning and I swear it seems like he was finished so quickly and quite painlessly. So Dr. A is who made me comfortable enough to drive 2 hours and keep using Redbud Dental and Dr. Peck was the surprising icing on the cake. Thank you, all of you for what you do and for putting up with GIANT cowards like me.”

“I went to Redbud Dental with a broken crown. They took x-rays to make sure there was nothing else wrong. Then made an appointment for less than a week later to make the mold for the new crown. They discussed the payment options available to me and even gave me the option the pay the first payment then or at the next appointment. The office is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful and they even offer coffee, tea and water for patient convenience. I would recommend Redbud Dental to my friends and family gladly.”

“I had a crown come out that another dentist had done a poor job attaching. Redbud Dental got me in quickly and used the latest equipment to reattach my crown. The staff is professional and Netta at the front desk is AWESOME! Dr. Jay Peck very skilled and knowledgable and did a great job reattaching my crown. No more dentist shopping for me!”

“Near painless methods! I had to have three cavities and one on-lay (partial crown) done. I was dreading the experience, mainly due to the pain killing injections! (I hate needles.) But, Dr. Peck used several different methods to make the injections near painless. First, he put a numbing solution on a Q-tip and put that on the injection site. Then, he used a vibration (again – painless) tool to distract the mind from the injection. Then, he used a type of numbing agent that is pain free going in. Also, the receptionist and hygienist are very friendly and provide excellent customer service. The whole environment is one that is positive and supportive. Best dentist and dental office I ever had! And, being in the military and moving many times, I’ve had many dentist during the last 30 years.”

“Absolutely amazing experience, very professional staff, amazing work done. Came in with tooth pains and need a root canal. Within a week they set me up with an appointment and they fixed me up with no pains or problems along the way! Definitely will be staying here!!”