Edmond, OK Dentist

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“Got my mouth voided of all teeth and getting Dental Implants for “snap in” dentures. So far so good. The office crew is great and of course Dr Peck is fantastic. Temporary dentures fit well. As soon as the holes heal I will be getting permanent snap in dentures.
I’m loving it!”

“I always receive the greatest dental care anyone can ask for at a dental office. Dr. Peck is a very caring dentist and the staff is the best. They are always so friendly, helpful with whatever your needs or concerns are.”

“I was nervous about going to the dentist, but they made it very easy and comfortable. The staff have a great sense of humor and I feel they genuinely care for each patient. One of the most honest and upright establishments. I won’t visit anywhere else.”

“I got my full dentures from Dr. Peck 1 year ago and I am one of those people with a terrible fear of dentists!!! Dr. Peck was very patient with me and informative the procedure went off without a hitch. I have a few relatives and they all have problems with there dentist, I do not. Dr peck has been simple and easy to work with. I get my final liner today if you need dentures and dont want headaches im telling you go see Dr. Peck.”

“I initially contacted Redbud Dental due to one of their mailers that was sent to my address. It specifically advertised dental implants and that is exactly what I needed. The procedure was simple and the information given to me about the procedure was assuring. I’m happy with the results and recommend Redbud Dental.”

“I have had many dentists over the years and really like this office. Friendly crew and Drs are very nice. I had my consoltation and impressions for my temporary teeth taken in quick fasion, and go in this Thursday to have all my teeth removed, the 4 broken off ones and 7-8 others removed so I can get to eating again. I needed inplants and this dentist seems to know what he’s doing. I’m going for the removable “Snap-in” teeth. Smile at ya later. :)”