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Root Canal Therapy in Edmond, OK

root canal in Edmond for tooth infection

Does the term “root canal” inspire fear in you or your family members? A root canal service should actually inspire hope because it can save the structure of your tooth, prevent the need for an extraction, and stop the infection from spreading.

However, we understand that some patients are still anxious about this endodontic service. At Redbud Dental, we promise to make you as comfortable and calm as we can during your root canal in Edmond.

What Can a Root Canal Do for Me?

Our first priority during a root canal procedure is to save the tooth. It’s much better to have your natural tooth than to need an extraction and a replacement tooth. Root canals can also:

  • Let you chew normally again: If you’ve had a painful tooth infection, you must not have been chewing normally for some time. After you heal from your root canal, you’ll get that back!
  • Take away the pain: An abscessed tooth can lead to a severe toothache. We’ve seen it over and over again. A root canal is often the best way to clean out the infection and relieve the pain.
  • Save you money: Compared to the alternatives, which include extractions, dental implants, and bridges, it’ll cost you much less to get a root canal to save your natural tooth. Severe dental pain can make it seem hopeless, but we’re experts at saving teeth.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

tooth infection in Edmond root canal

Here are the steps to a routine root canal procedure:

  • Diagnosis: We use an x-ray to find out if a root canal is your best option.
  • Anesthesia: We administer a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel any pain.
  • Cleaning: Your dentist will make a very small hole in your tooth to clear out the tooth infection.
  • Sealing: We’ll ensure that your tooth is disinfected before sealing the tiny hole. We will also replace the tooth pulp with a filling material.
  • Protecting: If the tooth could benefit from a dental crown, we’ll prepare the tooth for it. Then, we’ll cover the top and sides of the tooth with a crown or tooth cap.

Absolutely amazing experience, very professional staff, amazing work done. Came in with tooth pains and need a root canal. Within a week they set me up with an appointment and they fixed me up with no pains or problems along the way! Definitely will be staying here!!

– Dennis R. –

Relieve Your Pain with a Root Canal Appointment

If you are experiencing a severe toothache or extreme sensitivity, the pulp inside of your tooth might be infected or dead. Call us for a root canal as soon as possible. Get rid of that pain!

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