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Sedation Dentistry in Edmond, OK

sedation dentistry in Edmond for dental anxietyIf you experience anxiety about going to the dentist, we’re not offended! We’d be happy to help you if you are afraid of the dentist. We use several state-of-the-art methods that can give you a comfortable and relaxed dental visit—maybe for the first time in your life!

Because getting regular dental cleanings is very important to your overall health, we want to help patients make and keep their appointments. If you don’t get dental procedures when you should, that could cause later problems that could require even more intensive procedures!

Through one of several types of sedation, we can relieve your dental anxiety. We can help you get the dental care you need to maintain your health, safety, and your unique smile. Visit our sedation dentistry in Edmond today!

Signs that You Need Sedation Dentistry

People need sedation dentistry for many different reasons. Don’t be shy about it! If you need it, we’re happy to help—as we have helped many other patients who experience dental phobia. Talk to us if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety.
  • Have avoided the dentist because of dental anxiety.
  • Have experienced a lot of pain in your mouth during past dental visits.
  • Are resistant to local anesthesia.

IV and conscious sedation dentistry in Edmond for dental anxiety

What Types of Sedation Dentistry Do We Offer in Edmond?

Depending on your specific symptoms and history, we’ll recommend one of the following:

  • Laughing Gas: Laughing gas is simple to use. You’ll just breathe it in through your nose, and you’ll immediately start to feel relaxed, calm, and happy. After your appointment, the gas will leave your body quickly, so you can safely drive yourself home.
  • Oral Sedation: This type of conscious sedation is caused by a pill you swallow before you visit us. This will allow you to stay awake during your procedure, but you will be extremely calm and feel much less anxious. You will be sleepy afterward, though. So you will need a ride home.
  • IV Sedation: We inject this type of sedation medication directly into your bloodstream. Intravenous sedation makes you fairly unaware of your procedure. You might completely forget that it even happened. You should plan to get a ride to and from our office if you plan on requestion IV sedation.
  • General Anesthesia: General anesthesia is a type of sedation dentistry that uses prescription medications to induce a state of deep sleep during your dental procedure. Dental anesthesia is a safe and simple solution for patients in Edmond who may experience dental phobia or dental anxiety. General anesthesia is a common dental sedation method and is available for patients with mental health complications, special needs, or other disabilities that could otherwise complicate their visit.

Ask Us About Sedation Dentistry

It’s important to acknowledge if dental anxiety is preventing you from getting the dental services you need. If that is the case you can always ask for sedation dentistry for any treatment or procedure. We are here to give you the dental services you need, while keeping you calm and comfortable at the same time.

Call for an appointment at Redbud Dental today!

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