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November 25, 2022

When it Comes to Your Smile, Don’t Settle For Less

No one likes to settle for less than the best, especially with something as important as your smile. At Redbud Dental of Edmond OK, we have cosmetic dentistry solutions that…
Cosmetic dentistryTeeth whitening
November 18, 2022

Does Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Are yellowing teeth getting you down? If so, you are not alone! Everyone, it seems, would like to have whiter teeth and a better smile. Teeth whitening at Redbud Dental…
Dental healthFamily dentistry
November 11, 2022

When Something’s Gotta Give, Don’t Let It Be Your Child’s Oral Health

Life gets busy for all of us, and at times, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Maybe you've been putting off fixing a leaky faucet for as long…
Cosmetic dentistry
November 4, 2022

Captivate Audiences Once Again

Remember when being a five-year-old with a few missing teeth charmed friends and family? When a lisp was considered adorable and endearing? Doesn't really work for adults. At Redbud Dental…
Dental healthFamily dentistryGeneral dentistry
October 28, 2022

Why Look For The Seal?

Here's a reminder from Redbud Dental of Edmond OK: when you go to the store for oral care products, make sure your purchase carries the seal of the American Dental…
Dental healthFamily dentistryRestorative dentistry
October 21, 2022

Is Moutwash A Must?

There are many different types of mouthwash on the market. Some tout germ-killing abilities, others emphasize fluoride content, and some claim to whiten teeth while freshening the breath. These are…
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